Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Raleigh Project One

Over the next 5 work days I will be restoring a customers Raleigh Sports. In fair shape with not having a whole lot of use in the past, the bicycle should turn out beautifully. Check back over the next few days as the Raleigh Project One goes back together, and get some tips and views for your next restoration. Here are some Photos of the bicycle:


  1. Scott, good one!
    Is that a B72 saddle? And looks like a Woods valve on the rear tire.
    The S-A shifter looks similar to the one on my Rudge project bike:

    Out of curiosity, do you have a flickr photostream where you post these photos as well?

  2. nice!
    i must get my arse in gear and start putting mine back together. excited to the results!

  3. Arse, Thats a British word, Right?
    A good friend wrote ma and thanked me for putting England back in New England, I will have to use that word.
    No, I dont post photos to flickr. Its enough work to post them to the blog. Enjoy!

  4. yes it is scott, an english buddy of mine loaned me that word, it sounds better than the american english version. do you know any cockney slang?
    i just mounted my fork, next up is the BB. this bike of mine will have lots of character and patina.
    lovin' your blog mate!