Saturday, January 21, 2012

Raleigh Project One, The Roller Chain.

I love this part. Its like digging up burred treasure. You never know what your going to find!

In most cases, Raleigh, Unlike most modern bicycle manufactures, always used a top quality chain. In this case a Renold Elite.

I'm lucky to have a chemical sink at Belmont Wheelworks. At home I use a old petifour tin that I picked up at a junk store.
Soak the chain and go to town. Really. Soaking the chain for a while, like washing pots and pans is always easier if you let your solvent seep in and loosen the years of rust, grease and dirt.

I use anything I can get my hands on to clean each link. In this case, I after washing the chain as best as I could, I used a bench mount electric wire wheel.I do each link, both sides and every roller. Its important that when your finished, every roller roll smoothly.

Take the time to clean your chain and you will notice the difference, both in the detail of the finished bicycle project and the first Raleigh Ride

For more information about the Renold Company and the first patent holder of the "Bush Chain" go to:

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