Thursday, January 31, 2013

One day closer to the 4th of July

Its days like these when the temperatures come up over 50 degrees that has one wanting to take out that favorite Roadster for a quick spin. Bad Idea. Here's why.
Road salt and sand, although not seen, is covering every road surface. Even taking the time to wash your bicycle afterwards doesn't do as good a job as maybe you think. Small places and parts hold salt and sand. It best to wait for a good rain and drying of the roads before venturing out.

Having a back up bike for days like these is best. The Winter bike should be part of your collection and washed as well after you go out. In short order you may enjoy your Winter riding as much as you would on your favorite Roadster.
As the days get longer and the weather nicer, remember that every day we are closer to Spring and how wonderful it will be!