Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spend the Day with your Raleigh

Nothing like spending the better part of the day putting a shine on your 3 Speed. Is really any better way to get to know your Roadster?
Detailing your antique bicycle really gives you a feel of days gone by. A time when nothing was skipped and things were done to perfection.
The 1952 Raleigh Sports is a joy to work on. Everything fits. The bike parts spin unlike anything new and the sound of the machine is like an old clock. Its not surprising that watch workers love there Raleighs too.
Prepping a Raleigh Roadster for an event is truly a joy. Knowing that everything is right and the bike will look great! Hope to see you on Sunday! Its going to be Fun!

1952 Raleigh Sports

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Note From Tour Leader Doug

This Sunday Dec. 4th, I will be hosting a pub crawl or rather ride on 3 speed bicycles. We'll be meeting up at 11am on the Salem common by the gazebo. We will then ride via a bike path to our first pub, Kitty O'Shea's in Beverly where we will partake of sustenance and libation. From there it's a lovely ramble through the countryside to Hamilton and the Black Cow, our 2nd pub stop. Next we head over to Beverly Farms for our 3rd pub stop, Cygnet...the chowder is excellent btw!

Finally, we'll return to Salem and the Old Spot English Pub for our last stop and some English Bitters!

If you have a 3 speed bike great! If not, let me know and I may be able to hook you up with one of mine. I will be riding one but have 3 more to lend out.

Dress is decidedly English Country gentleman or lady. Tweeds, Britches, Sporting Caps, etc.

Hope you can join us for this fun event.

Tally Ho!

The Raleigh Dawn Tourist

Was there ever a more reliable bicycle then the Raleigh Dawn Tourist? Fendered and ready to ride.
The bicycle has 26x 1 1/2 Westwood pattern rims and rod brakes. Outfitted with a Sturmey Archer 4 Speed, FW, The bicycle is the perfect "Go anywhere" bicycle.
This bike is hub dated 1950.
Its 60 degrees here in Dover right now. The Perfect Bicycle for the Perfect day!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beautiful Bicycles in Beautiful Places

We are lucky here in Southern New England to have so many beautiful spots to ride. Beautiful stops make for memorable rides.
This spot has been a favorite for cyclists for years. The bridge's arch at the Charles River crossing is said to have 11 echo returns from one blast of a bugle

The Boston Water Works Aqueduct at Echo Bridge, Newton Upper Falls, Mass.

Monday, November 21, 2011

3 Speed 3 Pub Tour December 4th, Salem, Ma

Come join us for a slow roller on your favorite 3 Speed bike around the North Shore.

Tour leader Douglas Harris Esq. will guiding us over hill and dale for an afternoon one won't soon forget.

Meet at the Salem Commons at 11:00 am in front of the gazebo.

What to bring? Your 3 Speed, 4 or 5 Speed internal hub gear bikes only. Cash for food and drink. Warm clothing. Thermos of tea or some other type of warming beverage.

Pass the word. No RSVP, Just show up! Hope to see you there!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Raleigh DL-1

For years Raleigh offered every part for their bicycles. This exploded view of the DL-1 shows the detail of the Raleigh Roadster and why it was loved by so many.
This drawing from days past shows how you could order any replacement bit.
Note the detail of the Raleigh Pattern Pedal. The locking star washer sets the cone to never move. Notice the two models of pedals. Men's are wide and Women's are narrow to properly fit the foot. Wouldn't this drawing make a nice T shirt!

The 1956 Raleigh DL-1

****************** Click on the drawings for a larger view. ***************

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

1893 Raleigh Pneumatic

I found this at the Copake Country Auctions. It was the oldest Raleigh I had ever seen. I owned it for about 3 years, but without any chance of riding it I passed it along to another collector.

The Original Raleigh Pattern Fork Crown

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Like Finding Gold

Anyone can go to a bike shop and with enough money, buy the bike of their dreams. I like to think that my Raleighs found me.
All my Raleighs came at the perfect time. Project bikes can be rewarding and educational. Like going back in time, after a while of dealing with antique bicycle parts, you get the feel as to how it was back when the bike was new. Details of design can bring you back to a time when bicycle company's built bikes to last.
I have heard it many times before,"This bike was in really bad shape when I found it." The worse the condition, the more fun the restoration and the larger the reward when you take the bike for its first ride.



Monday, November 14, 2011

Simple Elegance

Afternoon Tea at Longfellows Wayside Inn, South Sudbury, Ma.

Without ever experiencing the ride of a Raleigh Roadster, one might never understand the elegance of a ride.

At first the rider experiences the feeling of rolling steel, awkward as if the bicycle is taking you. rather you the bike. The weight of the machine keeps the bicycle moving forward effortlessly as if it has a mind of its own.

Climbing hills at first seems harder but only if you try to "out ride " its design. Finding the cycles "Sweet Spot" and learning the gears, has you in short order enjoying the countryside like never before.

People notice. From the sidewalk strangers wave. They see the smile and the awareness the Roadster and its rider have of the surroundings and not just trying to go fast. The rider adds to the scenery and fits nicely. Saying hello with a ring of your bell always gets a smile.

Never before has there been as much enjoyment of both movement and scenery as cycling on a Raleigh Roadster on a beautiful New England afternoon, It has you wanting to go out of your way and find a nice place to stop for tea!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Polished, Oiled and ready to ride,

My bike choice for the day, a 1937 Raleigh Golden Arrow, 3 Speed Aw hub. Geared a little high for the rest of the riders bikes, but nice.
The bicycle in the background id a 1939 womens Golden Arrow.

The can reads "Two tablespoons per fortnight"

A beautiful November New England day, 50's, Sunny, with a bit of a wind.
Our first stop at Rockey Woods for a "Snort" and then back on the road.

Perfect timing for the photo of the Model A Ford and the 1950 Raleigh Sports

Just where is Susie and Bob?

Back as a group at the John Adams Homested in Medfield, Ma.

Four riders had a wonderful ride, Group shot at the Welesley, Natick line. The marker at our feet reads, NN for Natick Nedham from before Welesley was a townand was still south west Needham.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

The "Ride" of a Raleigh

It doesn't take long to get the feel of a Raleigh 3 Speed. At first glance one could expect the exact opposite.
The bike looks heavy and slow, but under way you roll like never before. A freshly tuned, oiled and polished Raleigh is like no other bicycle. It seems like the perfect bike. The weight of the bike once under way seems to keep you rolling effortlessly.
After the first mile or two you become use to the 3 speed Sturmey Archer gearing and know just when to shift. The hub in its design will allow you to pre select a higher gear and when you want a change, stop pedaling for an instant and it shifts by itself.
Riding a fendered Sports is a joy.. Wet streets become no problem at all and long rides after rainy days are a joy!
There isn't a better bicycle feeling then being on a shiny Raleigh, sitting upright and enjoying the country side on a beautiful day here in the place we all know and love, New England

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So Whats With the Raleigh?

Every red blooded American boy wants a bicycle. Hearty, heavy, Built like a car. Strong enough to take the abuse of jumping over any ramp of any height.
If it wasn't a Car, it was a Motorcycle. Banana Seats and High Rise Handlebars were the rage growing up in New England.
So whats with the Raleigh? The kids that showed up for "Woods Rides" on their roadsters just did not cut it. The chain slapping on the hockey stick shaped chain guard was a true turn off. No car or motor bike would ever make such a sound.
But when the bikes out performed anything we tried as a group, the saying we came up with was "On a Raleigh?" It was heard over and over until we were all riding them and putting them through certain Hell that the bicycle was never designed for.
In the late 60's, 3 speeds, mostly Raleighs were being thrown out every week end to make room for the Riding Mower. It was the dawing of the "Ten Speed" and the heavy black bike with only 3 gears was no longer wanted. It was common to find a mid 50's Raleigh Sports with very little miles on it standing up by the metal pile as if there was at least a little of respct.
I remember going to the Natick Dump by bike and finding a 23" Sports without wheels and coming back the next week to find the wheels.
There was a time at Natick that there was over 15 26x1 3/8 Raleigh Patern Rimed wheels. About a third were Sturmey Archer AW hubs and a couple SW. Being on a bike, I cut the spokes, locked the rims to the dump's fence and brought the hubs home.
The Raleigh became what we called our "Moble Units" Set up with racks (Also from the dump) We could get into the woods and set up a campsite quicker that walking. Leaving our 10 speeds at home, The Raleigh became our legs for normal every day life and our "Truck" to deal with it. This was my begening to owning more then one bicycle.
For the first time I had a bike I felt safe locking up and walking away. The go anywhere bike and it was free.

Mobile Unit One, 1970

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcome to Bosrug 2

Its only appropriate that I start a blog honoring the Raleigh. I have owned, bought and sold over 100 starting back with my first from a good friend and my second, 4 speed, from the Dover Country Store, back in 1972. 11-11-11 will be the 35 aniversary of our "Vetrans Day Ride". Some of the origanal riders that attended the first event will be on this ride. International Corduroy Day! When all the ones are in rows, 111111 at 1111!
Check back here often for photographs and updates about the bicycles we all know and love, The Raleigh.