Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day Ride

We polished up your roadsters and put on our finest wools for this wonderful ride.

Eleven riders on 11-11 at 11:00

Our ride leader Doug Harris had the perfect route for the perfect day!
Say Hi to Doug!

Smiles for miles!

Lennon didn't make the ride, but I put his photo in anyway.

3 speeds, 3 cameras.

This was the 30th anniversary of "The Veterans Day Ride" once known as the "Inn Tour" held on the same day.

The weather was great!

Our ride showcased the Atlantic Ocean and surrounding areas.

Why yes Mr President, he is here. Would you like to speak to him?

Great new friends on Great old bikes

A Great time was had by all!

Heres to new friends and new rides on old bikes!