Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Beauty of the Bicycle

Is there any other more beautiful bicycle than a Raleigh Roadster?
I should say not!
Riders of the road and the Roadster agree!
Adding beauty to any New England scene, the Raleigh Roadster completes the picture! Fitting its background in a timeless manor that actually adds to the view in such a pleasant way!
Bicycles and cameras work well together. Like being on a hunt, finding the best spot and shoot. Bring home the memory to share and save. Remembering a time gone by, easily relived on another great day off riding your Raleigh Roadster!
I hope to see you on the road!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Looks like its Time for a Ride

It looks like we just may be over the "Snow Season" here in Southern New England. One can only hope anyway.

All though we have seen snow as late as May 10th here, chances are good that we are done with the white stuff for the Winter of 2012/2013.

Sunnier Sundays and salt free roads have me wanting to take out the nicer Roadsters for a spin around town, Heads up and happy, our favorite style of riding make one feel alive again. Its like having come out for the first time when you look down and see that favorite bike that you saved for another year of salt and sand. Like a fine watch, You not only own the Roadster, but holding it foe a future owner to carry forward in time. Its an important responsibility.

Warm weather is picnic time. Planning outings in ones head takes you away from daily troubles and has you thinking back to times when it was great to be out. Thinking how you could make it better and what you could pack, this time around.

Planning an adventure is easy. There are enough riders of the Roadster to have a great group. Nice stops in nice places are important. Thinking about places spots great photo opportunity's for visual souvenirs of your event are a must. The bicycles look so nice as they are, but with some fantastic background the finished photos are sometimes worth framing.

Weather you ride as a group or alone, the view you complete with your Roadster have drivers smiling. Its hard not to feel good, adding to the New England scenery with something that looks so proper and looks so right!

Happy Roadstering!