Friday, November 11, 2011


Polished, Oiled and ready to ride,

My bike choice for the day, a 1937 Raleigh Golden Arrow, 3 Speed Aw hub. Geared a little high for the rest of the riders bikes, but nice.
The bicycle in the background id a 1939 womens Golden Arrow.

The can reads "Two tablespoons per fortnight"

A beautiful November New England day, 50's, Sunny, with a bit of a wind.
Our first stop at Rockey Woods for a "Snort" and then back on the road.

Perfect timing for the photo of the Model A Ford and the 1950 Raleigh Sports

Just where is Susie and Bob?

Back as a group at the John Adams Homested in Medfield, Ma.

Four riders had a wonderful ride, Group shot at the Welesley, Natick line. The marker at our feet reads, NN for Natick Nedham from before Welesley was a townand was still south west Needham.


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