Monday, November 14, 2011

Simple Elegance

Afternoon Tea at Longfellows Wayside Inn, South Sudbury, Ma.

Without ever experiencing the ride of a Raleigh Roadster, one might never understand the elegance of a ride.

At first the rider experiences the feeling of rolling steel, awkward as if the bicycle is taking you. rather you the bike. The weight of the machine keeps the bicycle moving forward effortlessly as if it has a mind of its own.

Climbing hills at first seems harder but only if you try to "out ride " its design. Finding the cycles "Sweet Spot" and learning the gears, has you in short order enjoying the countryside like never before.

People notice. From the sidewalk strangers wave. They see the smile and the awareness the Roadster and its rider have of the surroundings and not just trying to go fast. The rider adds to the scenery and fits nicely. Saying hello with a ring of your bell always gets a smile.

Never before has there been as much enjoyment of both movement and scenery as cycling on a Raleigh Roadster on a beautiful New England afternoon, It has you wanting to go out of your way and find a nice place to stop for tea!

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