Sunday, January 29, 2012

1939 Raleigh Sports Tourist

Things were quite different in the late 30's. The Raleigh was new in the U.S. and going against Schwinn and Columbia's heavy weight designs did not at first appeal to the American Market.
Marketed as adult transportation and not a child's toy, the Raleigh opened up a whole new world of cycling pleasure for the United States.

This was the earliest catalog that I have found from Raleigh of America located on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts.

The text is clearly from the 30's and shows a different time of advertising. The information may have been too much for the American consumer. although, by today's standards, it may have not been enough!

The Raleigh Sports Model was soon to be known and sold as an "English Racer."

The cover of the Columbia Bicycle Catalog two years later.


  1. $50 for a Raleigh Sports? And an extra $5 for hub brakes and $10 for a dynohub? Sold!

    Ironically I only spent $30 for my Raleigh Wayfarer. Of course it was used and hadn't been ridden in years. And needed much, much more to make it what I wanted.

  2. Can you just imagine finding one still in the box! Do you think that there is one somewhere in the world? Something to dream about! Cut open the box and the smell of real rubber.