Saturday, January 14, 2012

Raleigh Project One, The Pedals

My favorite part on the old Raleigh's are the pedals. The locking cone design is like no other pedal made. The design could be found on their front hub up to about 1949. Simple and solid, like the bike itself, the Raleigh Pattern Pedal was made to be dismantled, cleaned and if necessary, parts replaced.

To dismantle the pedal, I like to clamp the spindle in a bench vice at the 15mm (5/16 BS) wrench flats. Removing the cap can be difficult if it has not been removed in a while. It may need you to carfully clamp the dust cap in the vise and turn the pedal to loosen it.

Next remove the pedals lock nut, star washer and cone. Removing the star washer may requier a knife to un-stick it from the cone and slide it off the slotted spindle. This is the beauty in the design, Once the cone is set at the proper setting, it will not go out of adjustment.

Now remove the pedal body from the spindle and let the bearings drop from the bottom cup. There is 11, 5/32" bearings in each cup, so no need to count them. Unless the pedals have never been used, don't bother saving them, But if you must, Place a magnet under a rag with a little polishing compound. this will hold the balls in place. With a 9mm (3/16 BS) wrench, remove all four nuts on both sides of the body. Gently tap the inside, non dust cap side and seperate the end plates allowing the pedal blocks to come loose.

Now with brush and water, scrub the pedal blocks.

Dry and polish the pedal body parts with 000 steel wool and polishing compound. Wax the bright parts and polish with a soft dry cloth. Reassemble the body and tap the end plate back on the pedal body firmly against a wooden bench. Make sure the end plate is seated before replacing the 3/16" nuts or you could bend the end plate and not allow the pedal blocks to stay put and spin like a roller while riding. Pack both cups at both ends of the pedal body with grease and fill the crank side cup with 11, 5/32" bearings, replace the pedal spindle and clamp it back into the bench vise. Fill the upper, dust cap side with 11, 5/32" bearings and replace the cone, star washer and lock nut.

Replace your cleaned and polished dust cap, Give the whole pedal a good polish, And do it all over again to the other pedal!

Details such as clean pedals really add to a Raleigh's restoration. Taking the time to go over every part gives you a even greater feeling of a time gone by when things were meant to last, Like the memories of a great Raleigh Roadster ride.

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