Sunday, January 15, 2012

Raleigh Project one. Crankset

The Crankset is the heart of the Raleigh. Beautifully designed, I never wore one out. Bright finish on the face and flat finish on the back. The swedged crank/chainring on all my Raleighs never came loose. Again, wet rag and the White polishing compound will do the trick of cleaning and removing rust. Most older bicycles will show marks from shoes and trousers as marks in the chrome, but the Polishing compound will take these out. Try to not use the steel wool on the face of the crank, unless absolutely unnecessary. This will pay off in the finish having less fine scratching.

Finish with a nice coating of wax. Again, no need to over do it because you will have time to put the finishing touches on the shine when your bicycle project is completed. The Crankset is one of the most important parts on The Raleigh to have looking nice. Attention is focused to this point with the Raleigh trade mark, the Herons and a elegant way of powering the bicycle. The flat finish on the inside of the crankset viewed from the left side of the bicycle has any viewer feeling that this bicycle was of quality and built with care.

Take the time to clean and polish the crank and your finished project will look great.

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  1. aun vendes vendes ese Crankset ?
    de cuantos picos es 44,46,48 ?