Monday, January 23, 2012

Raleigh Project One, Out from the Bag

After sitting tightly wrapped in a plastic bag covered in "Proofide" the saddle is now ready to come out.

Looking back to before anything had been done, you can see noticeable improvement and how the leather is moist and elastic rather then dry, pressed paper.

Area's around the rivets are now ready to bare weight without tearing, Over time the leather will develop a nice shine as it was once intended to have.

The saddle is now ready for its final polish and replacement of the seat clamp and seat post. No need to remove any of the extra Proofide on the underside of the saddle, It will continue to protect the saddle from drying as time goes by.

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  1. I have just today found your blog. Thanks for the information. I am trying to restore a no name leather saddle. This will help me.