Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Raleigh Project One, The Raleigh Pattern Brake

The Raleigh Pattern Brake is a magnificent design. Its a wonder it wasn't copied in alloy for its simplicity and cleanliness. One set pivot adjustment. The brake come apart without any tools once it has been removed from the frame. A mechanic can remove the brake, clean it and replace it to the bicycle in a quarter the time it takes with the modern designs. Centering the brake is done by pushing on the spring to equal its tension.

I was never expecting these brakes to come back as nicely as they did. Again with White Polishing Compound and a little help this time with a light going over with a bench mounted electric wire wheel, the brakes look almost as good as new, Well,almost! The Levers came back nicely too, no need for the wire wheel, the screws and levers once dismantled, cleaned up nicely.




  1. hey scott,
    i need help with my front brake, i think it's missing a piece or two and can't figure it out. i'm sure you could figure it out in a matter of seconds.

  2. Email me a photo of the front and the back of your front brake. I should have the part here at the house.

  3. Beautiful. I'm fixing up 1953 Raleigh Sport for my Brother In-law. Going to need that Wire Wheel set up!