Thursday, August 9, 2012

Why I Do This Blog

Blogs are done for many reasons. Money making and a simple cheap form of advertising. Blogs are a great way to involve and inform the public about items an author has found and can recommend.
Blogs can be a "News Letter" of sorts to spread the word regarding group events and activity's having to do with your blog subject. Reports on events that readers might have missed and would have enjoyed being at in person.

The reason I do this blog is simple. Loving the adventure of the Roadster and the road, I can use my Blog as a journal to share with anyone interested and at any given time, I can turn it into a book.
"Blogs to Print" emails blog writers offering to turn their Blog into a book, Discounts at time, pressing a button and paying has in short order a book of your blog on the way to your house.
The true "Lap Top" and not needing a Laptop to read it. Years from now I just may have a Great,Great Grandchild that can see how things were way back in the year 2012.

My rules of My Blog are simple. I keep the subject fun and short. Never a rant. Everyone knows as a cyclist there is more then enough to rant about! (Was that a rant?)

Keep the Blog fresh. Add something new so readers enjoy taking the time to check.

The most important thing is to keep the posting short. Filling a page with little scrolling to finish it. Something to think about that I have found on my own.

Thank You for reading my Blog, Know that I enjoy your company and always look forward to your comments.


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