Monday, August 6, 2012

And The "Hits" Just Keep on Coming!

Call her "Miss Farnsworth" Brought over from England by Aeroplane in the late 40's, This beautiful Dawn Tourist was recovered last night.

Following a hot tip, the Raleigh Hunters moved in and captured, alive, this beautiful specimen of Post War Cycling Iron. Not wanting it escape after receiving reports around 4:00 pm yesterday, a call went out to the Northern Headquarters to send in the Motor Car and head to a Hamlet by the name of Westwood where the Raleigh had been holding up in a shed for the last 40 years.

Check back at a later date for updates on how the "Catch" cleaned up.

Calm and getting use to its new surroundings

Post War Dynohub with "Bakelite" cover, in near to perfect condition.

Rubber Tri Springer Saddle

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