Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Their Out There!"

I have heard it more then once. Just when you think its over, another discovery.
Cool hideaway spots with beautiful views, off the grid. Places you can call your own that when you return it will be clear, that even years later, that you were the only person there.
Its not easy. It sometimes takes a little scratching and scraping from underbrush. Carrying the bike sometimes, but "Old New England" is still out there and with a little thinking outside the box, will have you smiling.
If someone tells you about a spot, its too late. You need to find your own and in this case, not share with others.
I have many. Some, known by friends. Like "The Terese" Known only by a few, if you were to find it, you would think it was a thousand years old. Rock shelf's with trees growing around them, started 40 years ago. A place that no one would find.
A spot by the Charles River, where the river spills and splits, On both sides the rushing water is only four feet across and four feet deep. The water is cold and crystal clear. If you didn't know, you would never guess it was the "Mighty Chuck".

You could be surprised about some of the spots you have passed by on your daily rides. With a little map reading and a little planning you just might find the perfect spot to call your own and find yourself saying to others, "Their Out There!"


  1. Wouldn't it be interesting to see pics of these hidden treasures, without their locations? Fortress of solitude, I believe, is what one super-hero called them.

  2. Well said, and well done!