Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hot Weather Sunday

Too Hot to Ride?

I can remember many of hot weather rides that were fun beyond belief. Heading out for a ride when its 80 degrees at 7:50 in the morning may require a little bit of planning to have a day of real enjoyment and fond memories. I have done many in the past.

About 35 years ago, good friend Chandler Pyle and I headed out on a black and white 1936 Colson, double steer tandem. One speed, New Departure coaster brake with a New Departure, cable pulled, front hub brake. It was around 100 degrees and the plan was to stay as wet as possible.

Every sprinkler, every pond, lake and river,We enjoyed. Our ride went from Dover Center over to the Wayside Inn and back in a line that had us riding from pond to lake to pond.
Staggered not straight, the total ride was about 35 miles, on and off road.

We knew how to stay cool in a time of very little Air Conditioned homes, buildings and cars.

We would see a sprinkler in a yard and charge at it. Back yard, front yard, nice lawn or not, we did not care. If there were kids playing in the water, we just honked the bulb horn and went for it! I remember kids with buckets of water splashing us as if it would make us go away!

Linking up swimming spots for a ride can be a great way to deal with the heat. My shoe of choice is a sandal. Just get in with your shoes, your only there to cool off.

Returning home after having swam in over 8 ponds and lakes
has one smiling from ear to ear and later has you looking forward to another heat wave!

If only there were photographs!

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