Saturday, July 21, 2012


About 15 years ago I met a fellow who had been sent to me for a used 3 speed. I was known back then as the guy with the old British Bicycles, so it wasn't so odd have a stranger come up to me and ask.
I told him that I could find him a nice Rudge or Raleigh 21" 3 speed for around $150. It would take me around a week.
He said "Oh", in a not so enthusiastic way. I could tell the price was not at all what he had in mind. He said that things were tough and $150 was a bit high for him. I think he was thinking more like for free.
I told him that if he went out early, before the trash got picked up, he might just find one being thrown away, Things like that still do happen. It was around the end of the school year and Harvard has been known to toss the most amazing things from the dorms at commencement.
He replied with an "Oh" that was longer and deeper then the last as he looked at down at his feet.
I had to ask, "Whats up?"
He told me, "Well, its all my fault. Last week as I was heading off to work and at the last second before hopping on my bike, I remembered that I had left something in the house. I ran in to get it and when I came out, My Raleigh was gone."
I told him, "Well not your fault, some dope stole it!"
He said, "Well yes its my fault, I leaned it up next to our apartment buildings pile of trash left for pick up. I don't think that the person who stole it realized it wasn't being thrown out."

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