Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Raleigh Hunter

I get leads time and again about Raleigh's out in the field. The first question I ask is, "What color is your bike?" If black is the answer, I ask more.

Most of the time the seller has no clue as to exactly what there selling. What size frame, what size wheels, leather seat and so on.
Back in the early days of starting my collection, I shopped the "Want Ad" The Want Advertiser was a magazine published in Sudbury, Ma,that if you could get it first, you could get first dibs on the good bikes. The Want Ad had prices, but no pictures, and you never got into the question of, "How much do you want?" Asking the right questions and getting the right answers could save me miles, and time.

I knew of a breakfast joint in Newton that received the Want Ad at 6:30 am. I could get there, buy the magazine and use their pay phone while waiting for eggs and potatos to get ready for the ride for the bike. Every Thursday morning I would have cash ready for the hunt and be ready to make the kill. Moving a bike by bike was the plan. Carrying the frame and fork by "Pack Board" on my back and the wheels and fenders on the carrier rack of my trash pick 23" Raleigh Sports, "pick up bike"'

Things have changed over the years. Craigs List and word of mouth has me heading out with a little better idea as to what is to follow.

I will be heading out today to go look at a pair, Men's and Women's Raleighs and see if what the Gent at the store yesterday told me about is worth retrieving.

Check back later to see if today's "Hunt" was successful.

The Hunt

The First Sighting

The unsuspecting "Matched Pair" resting quietly

Moving in For The "Kill" Thats "V"

Feild Dressing for the Ride Home

The Discovery of Old Wounds

The Transport Vehicle Returns Home

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