Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Perfect Picnic

Packing for a picnic and not sure what to bring? Funny, anything goes well with outdoor eating, Its just how elaborate you want to make it as to how long it will be remembered.
The time of day is important. Breakfast or brunch picnics are unique and can bring back smiles years later. Its important to have hot food, so a good stove is a good idea. If your reading this, you probably have one or know someone that does. I have gone from a one burner Optimus 8R, white gas stove to a 2 burner Coleman. Its worth having the extra weight and size to have the extra cooking surface. Bacon, although not what I like to eat, Can make a Breakfast Picnic. The smell on the open air with fresh coffee has strangers coming out of the wood, always with a huge smile. "That Smells Good!", Well Ya, its Bacon!
Lunch picnics can be simpler. I carry a table cloth and silver service for two most of the time, just in case. One of my favorite was a full Chinese dinner in a cemetery in Lynfield during a ride from Dover about 35 years ago. We found a stone bench and turned it into a dinner table with the tablecloth. We sat on the ground and feasted.
Dinner seems to be the most popular time to picnic. At the end of the day, finding a new outdoor spot with a view can be the most magical of moments. Again, anything goes. Grab and run, Pack the basket and blanket and head out. Candle light with a little soft music can make any food taste better. As the sun goes down and the bugs move in, it best to be sure to be on high ground for a breeze. Its also nice leaving after packing up to simply roll away.

Picnic in the Pyrenees

In all cases, any food works well, Bring what you have from the kitchen or plan ahead Pizza for breakfast will even work. Its not the food that makes the picnic, its the company.
But, by far, the number one thing to at all times to include , and never forget, is your Raleigh!

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