Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bare Foot'n

Ya Probably not a good idea to ride your bike bare foot, but on a hot summer day when you need to "Hop on and go" It could be the only way.

Special footwear for years has been my favorite cycling accessory, My pile of shoes in the attic is deep, let alone the rows in my closet. Different cleat designs and different styles of shoes, some date back 35 years when cleats needed to be nailed on.

Felex's in Harvard Square was a favorite of all serious cyclists. He never rode racing bicycles, but knew all about putting on cycling cleats of all types, TA, Berrile, even leather cleats he made himself that you could walk on. But find a Cobbler that knows about cycling shoes now. My guess, it would be impossible.

Hopping on a Bicycle bare foot has you at first realizing that maybe its the wrong thing to do. My guess, riding with no cloths would have the same effect. How could it be possibly better?

I will never forget a bicycle chase with my brother as kids one April day. Yes April. He ran off and I chased him down on a bike. No time for shoes.
After catching him and retrieving what ever the heck he was running off with of mine, I returned back to the garage at the end of a downhill road into a downhill driveway.
Coming into the garage at speed, I put my bare foot down to stop. A cracking noise came from my foot as I hooked my left baby toe in a "Hip Waider" rubber boot, laying on its side.
35 years later my baby toe still reminds me, Always wear shoes while cycling!

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  1. It's a miracle any of us survived childhood :)
    congratulations on your first 30 thousand hits and the many more to come.