Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rainy Day, Raleigh Roadster

A Rainy Day is good for a lot of things.Sometimes the last thing to come to mind is a bicycle ride.
What better bike to take out then a bicycle that was designed for a rainy world. The Raleigh Roadster is just that. Full fendered, up high and comfortable! Slow going will have you missing some of the rain drops and smelling the clean air. Hard not to smile.
Sunny days bring everyone out. Bike trails become a human slalom course. Nice to be alone with the one you want to ride with and see only the daring. Walkers and commuters alike don't miss the sun when it comes to extra space in the places we love to ride.
Enjoy the day on your Raleigh Roadster and remember to warn the walkers by shouting "No Brakes!"

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