Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Fathers Day Ride

So you say, "Hey!, How Come I wasn't told about the fathers day ride?"

Turns out everyone that would have showed up, showed up!

A New Day has Come. No Busrug adventure is complete with out lubing up the Raleighs. This time, The Raleigh Riders.

The Man with the "Special Lubricant"

Funny the older can of Lube tasted just like "Sambuca" and the newer "Lube" like "Kahlua"

Funny how good this old oil tasted in our coffee!

What a beautiful day for such a special event. Three riders, Three smiles.
The Raleigh's did their part suppling total enjoyment for the on and off road Bosrug Fathers Day Adventure.

An Extra special breakfast at the Main Street Market, Cafe in Concord Center was had by the riders 3, and back on the road to finish with the "Battle Road"

I Hope you had a wonderful Fathers Day!

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