Friday, June 8, 2012

The Matched Pair

Its hard to find with people, harder to find with bicycles.

Its not often you find the perfect couple. Relationships are tough and what one person loves, your lucky if the other sorta likes.
You sometimes wonder why couples stick together and their motives. One might guess, but one can only hope that their "Stick to It" is solely love.
You hear of couples that are celebrating there 40th anniversary. Forty years is a long time to stay as two. You really have to congratulate folks for dealing with another person after the honeymoon is over and keeping the flame burning.
Call it luck, but what ever, lucky are the few that can stick to the plan and follow through for the good of it all.

Forty year old Matched Pair of Raleigh DL-1's

Matched bicycles are hard to find. Years of collecting I have only come across 3 sets of bikes that were purchased on the same day as a men's and women's pair. You can two bikes that are alike and match their components, but its just not the same. Reason of love were their connect but in most cases, in time they get split up. The men's gets run into the ground while the women's, sits and waits.

Many a women's bike has been bought only to be dismantled and its parts used to restore a men's model. Its true. Ask any collector and they will tell you that men's bike sell for more and the only reason to purchase a women's is for parts. Usually for about one quarter the price.

Having a matched pair of mens and womens bicycles that were originally purchased together is rare. Keeping the pair together makes using the bikes extra special and all the more reason of enjoyment. People notice and smile. A ring of their bells and a friendly good morning, the matched pair will roll gracefully, forward in time.

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