Friday, February 10, 2012

Only the Best for the Best

I have had this photograph in my collection for about 30 years now. It was a still taken during a break during the filming of the Beatles movie "Help" while at Paradise Island in the Bahamas
The guy in the middle of the shot is the director, Richard Lester.
Wiki says that the Beatles were unhappy with how the film turned out. John Lennon said that Dick Lester made them feel like extras in their own film. The photograph shows Ringo with a bike and Paul without. The scene was the time in the film when Paul, John and John were chasing a car with Ringo in the "Boot"
Remember when these guys looked old?


  1. I was talking to the owner of Stoddard's cutlery (originally in downtown since 1800, later at Chestnut Hill Mall and now in Nonantum) and he said that they were the first Raleigh dealer in Mass. (or maybe the USA). It was only for a short time and then Raleigh set up their own distributorship on Comm. Ave.

  2. I sold a Women's Sports on Thursday that was bought at Stoddard's. There was also two other dealers at the time, Siegar Electric on Tremont ave and of course, Ben Olken's "Bicycle Exchange."
    Bill Vandall from "Vandall's Cyclery" in New Bedford once told me he was selling Raleighs before anyone.