Monday, December 5, 2011

Ride Report, 3 Speed, 3 Pub Tour

What a wonderful day and great group. Six riders, just large enough to stay together and enjoy the company of all. We were never too large going into the Pubs, all which were perfect for the style of riding. As close to being in England as one might imagine! A newer vision of the UK. Oh, New England!
The Group met as planned on the Salem Commons and after a spot of tea and a piece of excellent Shortbread for dipping, headed out on the ride.
As we rolled away with Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" playing from a hidden sound system, the sun came out in full force and warmed body's and souls.
The architecture along the way, perfectly lit, was a joy. Nothing like the "North Shore" for its antique views and splendid scenery. The 3 speeds blended in perfectly. All riders dressed for the location.
Our first stop. in Beverly,Ma was a little all wood Pub called "Kitty O'Shea's" All hard wood, and like going back in time. They offer a full Irish Breakfast. We stuck to the bitter that was Boddington's. A perfect pour for this side of the Atlantic. We agreed that a pint before noon on Sunday was perfectly OK, because we never got by the first question, "What's wrong with Sunday?"
From the Waterfront to the Woods, our tour never had us on roads with large up hills. Somehow though we enjoined miles of coasting on large down hills. Magic! Thank You Doug.
Our next pub was "The Black Cow" in South Hamilton, Ma. where I enjoined a bowl of Clam Chowder and a pint of "Old Speckled Hen". The Chowder was spot on and again, the bitter, a perfect pour. We passed around stereo slides of a ride I did on a 37 Raleigh Golden Arrow back in 2007. A lot of them looked just like the tour we were on today.

We headed out of town with a quick stop and bicycle ringing to try to arouse Christopher Igleheart at his cute cottage along the way. With no luck we headed back toward Salem.
Our next stop was a very nice Oyster Bar called "Cygnet" In Beverly Farms and had a plate of Oysters to share. The prizes were handed out. First went to Mark just for showing and being Mark. He was the driver from Concord NH. who brought Dave. Dave got Second Place, just because he is Dave. Barbara got 3rd place because she was the only one to wear a skirt. (Only Women Too!)
We headed back with still great sunlight and warmth for December, around 55 degrees. Beautiful sky. the waterfront looked like a postcard with all the sailboats. The moon was out in the full lit sky giving a extra special touch to the scenery and views of 1700's architecture.

We finished at a Pub in Salem called the "Old Spot" Again Perfect setting for the finish of our 3 pub, 3 speed tour.

A Toast was made to Doug, Us, And plans for our next ride!

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