Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Birthday Ride

What a great way to spend your birthday! Riding a Raleigh that's as old as you!
The bicycle lends to the scenery as a work of art does to a view and no matter where you go, people notice.
My "Birthday Ride" this year was to the "Waterworks Museum" at 2450 Beacon Street in Boston. Closed on Monday and Tuesday, Admission if free and the folks running the show are happy to have you.
The "Great Engines Hall" is really something to be seen in person. The photographs here do not show the immensity of the machines that once pumped water from the reservoir across the street to building and homes at higher elevations in Boston not reachable by the normal gravity feed of the aqueduct system.
It was nice to see that rather close down the building that something positive had been done that allow one to see the greatness of our capital city.
A ride afterwards around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir was a good way to view the building in its grandeur.

The View From Across the Chestnut Hill Reservoir

The Grand Front Door

My 1952 Raleigh Sports Birthday Bicycle

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