Sunday, December 25, 2011

Raleigh Christmas Everyone!

Christmas for me is a great day for a ride. Traffic is low and as long as the roads are clean, A Raleigh Cyclist can enjoy the countryside like on no other bicycle. More to look at as you roll along, Homes are decorated for the day. Riding in New England at this time of year its hard not to notice!

Any bicycle will do but The Raleigh seems to stand out and is noticed by folks you pass on their Christmas Day walk. A ring of your bell always sets them smiling and wishing you a happy day!

Its cold this morning. One of the coldest this season. The thermometer on the deck here in Dover, Ma reads 14 degrees. A good morning to put another log on the fire and plan the perfect ride. Short but sweet. Check back here later today for photographs of my Christmas Ride. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Todays Bicycle of Choice, 1954 Raleigh RRA


  1. Beautiful bikes! Is that a Carradice? I'm assuming it is.
    Happy holidays!

  2. Thats a Carrimore. I bought it around 1979 at the AYH in Boston on Boylston Street. It has many miles on it and is one of my all time favorite bags. I think it was around $22.00. Thank You!

  3. Lucky. Would have loved to get one of those Karrimor bags back in the day!