Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Perfect Sunday Morning for the Perfect Sunday Morning Breakfast Ride!

The Perfect Day for the Perfect Bike! Nine riders of The Raleigh met at Curious Velo off the Minute Man Bikeway on Mass Ave in Lexington for a fun ride to Concord at the Colonial Inn for breakfast.

The best plase yet to start a Raleigh Ride, Nick Bennett's "Curious Velo" is like a museum of British Bicycles from days gone by. From Bikes to Bits. His shop is really something to see and a real great source for that small part for your Raleigh Project. Love for the Bicycle is here. You have to visit and return!

Cool, comfortable and slow going, we started at 8:30, early enough so it wasn't too crowded as it sometimes gets on such a beautiful Sunday morning.

At the end of the pavement and the end of the bikeway, we continued on the dirt Railroad bed to Concord. Shady and quiet.

We made it to the Inn around 9:30 and parked the Cycling Iron in photogenic spots, un-locked in view from our tables.

Breakfast at the Inn is first class. Just the right amount for hungry cyclists. It became quiet while everyone enjoyed their breakfast treats!

Afterwards we headed off to "The Battle Road". The Battle Road is the road the British solders marched on from Lexington to Concord on the morning of April 19th 1775, after the battle on the Lexington town green, now known as the Battle Green. British solders graves with the Union Jack can be seen along the way. The National Park Service has claimed the land and have knocked down homes that were not standing at the time of the battles of Lexington and Concord. Sandy and slow going, we passed old homesteads once the farms of the people of the then, new country.

At the end of "The Battle Road" we returned back to the pavement and up over the hill we know as "Shirley's Pimple" and back to the Bikeway in Lexington Center.

We arrived back to Curious Velo at noon.

The breakfast Ride was a total success! Every one was happy to be at the end but were talking and looking forward to the next ride and get together!

We hope to see you there!

Here are the photos from our ride:

Scott R Chamberlain, and Nick Bennett Leaders of today's "Breakfast Ride"

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