Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Morning Breakfast Ride, June 7th at Curious Velo

Lets do it again! Bring out your favorite British Cycling Iron Sunday June 7th for a slow go and show ride to the Colonial Inn in Concord.
We will meet at Curious Velo in Lexington at 8:00 am and be on route at 8:15.

The ride takes the Minute Man Bikeway to the end and picks up the dirt Rail Road bed beond. Its a little sandy with the lack of rain we have been having so you will know.

Bring Cash for Breakfast and a Lock for your bike.

We will be eating in view of the bicycles.

Afterwards, return back on the Battle Road, A Historical National Park that was the road the British Solders took on their way to concord On April 19th 1775.

If we have time we will stop at a grave of an un-named British Solder that never made it home for a moment of silence.

For the most part, this is a Car Free Ride!

We hope to see you there. Rain cancels the ride.

Check back here for photos in a day or so.


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