Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The View from a Raleigh

A day on a Raleigh Roadster is quite different then any other bicycle experience. Rolling along, head up, you will feel the difference in less time then you may expect.

The view from a Raleigh is higher. A better view makes for a better ride and a better day.

New England is loaded with history and scenery that has not changed in years.

I once read about the feeling that a Civil War reenactor would get, dressed in all wool and accessorized with everything down to the silver coins in their pockets and the correct time piece on the correct chain. Its called a "Civil War Moment" A complete shift back in time. When everything is the same including the view, there is nothing holding you to today. Jack Finney in his book, "Time and Again" wrote about this.

You can get this feeling riding a Raleigh Roadster here in new England. You find yourself in places that current time plays no roll. Swept away by the view from your Raleigh. There is a such thing as a time machine and it just happens to be your bike.

I love finding new, old places. For a sit and a view. The Raleigh fits so well. Other people notice. Smiles from strangers are always good!

The Roadster is a go anywhere machine. Good off road as well as on. We are so lucky to have so many old roads to explore here in the Boston area. Its possible to find byways that have not changed in 300 years.

The Raleigh rides well and rids you of problems. Sit back and enjoy the view.


  1. I've never ridden a 28" Roadster, I do have some 26" Raleigh Sports. I've often wondered how different the ride is between the two. Can you comment?

  2. In this case, bigger is better. A 24" framed 28" tire DL1 is a huge bike. Its super fun to ride and turns more heads. I have white tires on mine and love riding every inch! You have to try one!

  3. A rider of my stature 5'6" has plenty of bike on the Rudge Sports 1954!

  4. I have the same bike I feel the same way about it.