Thursday, November 14, 2013

Raleigh Love

Chances are, if your reading this blog, you love your Raleigh.
Its would be hard to explain to non Raleigh Roadster owners how its possible.
It would be hard to explain to someone that doesn't ride a bicycle for fun how riding a Raleigh Roadster is done for fun. They just would never understand.
Its a good thing. The fewer people that know the joy of riding a Roadster on a beautiful country road, the more available bicycles. Owning and riding a bicycle that you just cant go out and buy makes the riding experience special.
I love the looks I get from folks on their Aero bikes, out trying to achieve their personal best,they look at me being carried along by the Roadster, usually smiling, without a care in the world. More Women get it then Men. Men look at me as "What are you trying to prove?" Women see that happiness is the answer.
Raleigh Roadsters are like that. The shinier the better. Black is Beautiful and with the chrome at is best, so go the smiles. From the rider as well as the people you pass. They may not always notice the bike, but some do.
I love my Raleigh's. All of them. The ones I have owned and the ones I now own. Photographing them for me can be as fun as riding them. I love the way the look and the way it adds to the New England scenery. Its just right.
Raleigh Love is not an acquired taste. It only takes one ride. It helps to understand that your not going to feel any "Snap" or response from the machine as you would riding a modern lightweight bicycle. Adding just enough power to keep the bike rolling is all it takes. Letting the bike take you for a ride rather than you taking the bike for a ride.
Like going back in time. The antique Roadster gives you a feeling of the way things were. Slower and with a better understanding of the beauty that surrounds you as you arrive at each spot you pass. You may look at your watch, but your not going to be looking at any "Power Meter."
Its true that anyone can love their bike for various reasons, but Raleigh Love is a totally different thing. But chances are if your reading this blog, you know that.

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