Monday, December 3, 2012

When Enough is Enough

I love to explore on the bike. I like riding fast but prefer to take my time and see things. Using the bicycle to get a better look then if traveling by automobile, The bicycle allows me to arrive at every moment.
I was never the fastest person. Even the Police Lady crossing guard knew her job was finished and it was time to go home when I came along walking home from school in the first grade. I was always last. Trash day was all the more reason to go slow. I learned at an early age that stuff being tossed at the end of a driveway was free. One persons junk could be my treasure.
With the new news every day about the ill effects of over doing exercise and the importance of moderation, I feel that my level of speed in travel is justified, See more, enjoy more, find more. The Roadster is perfect for that. Caring the tools for a quick stop at the dump just in case there is that hard to find part, found.

I love riding with good friends, Old and new alike. What a great way to spend a day enjoying the New England countryside.

The other day I was riding with an old friend. We came to an intersection of two busy streets. A spot that one would expect to respect and at least put your foot down for a moment. No. My riding partner went through the red light and did not look back. By the time it was safe, he was down the street too far to hear me and make the corner to cross the foot bridge over the Charles.
I crossed and saw him continue at speed, never once looking back as if he was in some kind of race.
We never meet up again that day.

This behavior is unacceptable in my way of thinking. I have always felt the the best riders can ride with the fastest, have fun with the slowest and obey the rules of the road. Selfish riding techniques are as bad in my mind as selfish drivers.
I met with my old friend a couple of days later and told him we would not ride together again for a long time. Not as punishment, but for the reason that I have better things to do with my rides, It was not the first time he had done it but would be the last.

I have never felt that my blog should be a rant, but I do think that good friends and riders should stick together for the duration of an afternoon ride finishing together for a "Thank you and a "Lets do this again sometime soon."

What do you think?


  1. Yeah, I think you've got a point. I hate riding with people that do that, and I hate shouting at them trying to get their attention as they continue on, unawares.