Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dealing With Winter

Not the best time of year for a collectable antique bike. Sand and salt will ruin a 3 speed as well as any bicycle on New England streets in short order at this time of year.
If you don't notice it now, you will later. All those nicely sculpted screws and nuts that hold your fenders on will become one after a good soaking of water and road salt.
I have ruined many a bike over time. Of course, washing your bike after a ride will keep things right, but I have never had the energy after a good ride to start working on my bike. Its the right thing to do, but at the wrong time.
Funny, I first got into Raleigh Sports 3 Speeds by using them in the winter and not ruin my good bikes. Back in the late 60's it was easy pickings at any near by dump. Wellesley, Mass was a good one to find a selection of what would fit the bill.
I love riding in the snow. Especially when it's sunny. There is nothing like bundling up and heading out for a cycle adventure on a beautiful New England road with snow covered everything. Its just hard on the bike.
I like to use a lesser bike, dump pick as a winter ride. I'm sure years from now I will think, what did I do to that beautiful so and so. Everything in time becomes valuable. Its just hard to remember the justification of the ride when you think back to what you have ruined.
Let's go for a ride!

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  1. Great Post. This is the quandary I find myself in now. My old Robin Hood was pulled from a dump, at first to be a cadaver for me to hone my bicycle mechanical skills on. It then evolved into the winter ride, to protect my Bianchi and old 54 Raleigh from grime and salt. Over the years, fenders were added, chain guard added, Sturmey rebuilt, leather saddle from England( thanks Ebay). Beautiful old Brooks canvas bags added. The bike that was my back up in my 30’s, brought me back to cycling in my 50’s. To ride “El Robusto” in the winter would be a slap in the face, I mean, a slap in the head badge, to a bike I owe so much. I guess I should just look for another bike cadaver to bring back from the dead, and try not to become so attached.