Friday, October 12, 2012

Getting Ready for Winter

Here we go again! Winter. Even the sound of it has you looking for your sweater. A cold and wet day like this makes it easy to imagine.
When the snow falls and the road salt gets spread, its not time to stop riding, its just time to stop riding your nice bikes.
Damage from road salt creeps up on you. You won't notice it at first, but it can ruin any bicycle over time.
Here's what I do. I never take anything collectable out on wet salty streets. Cold dry surfaces can be OK but still require washing the bike afterwards. I have been told that road salt has little effect on steel if kept below 32 degrees. I'm not so sure about that but if the bike is kept in your garage or a cold spot out of the weather, then maybe you can delay cleaning the bike for a day or two. If you are caught out on your nice bike during an event or special occasion, pour warm water over the effected areas to rinse off the salt. You may not see it, but assume its there.
The best solution to a messy subject is to get another bicycle. We are lucky here in New England to have many bikes to choose from. Dump picks and Craig s List offer cheap a solution to taking out your prize British Roadster.
Start looking now and get your "Ride" set for the cold and salty winter months ahead. It will be here sooner then you think!

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