Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Little France in Framingham

Framingham is not known for its European style. If anything is more work a day world that has its feet planted firmly right here in the USA.

But if you get around, you might find this little bit of farm heaven tn the North West corner of the town. Near Nobscot and the Wayside Inn in South Sudbury, there is a little dairy farm that has all the color and background of any French or Swiss village.
I have passed it for years admiring the stucco silos with their conical tops. I always thought that it was like out of a storybook.

Eastleigh Farm is just that, Story book. Ice cream raw milk and cheese. Farm made butter. fresh eggs and cream. All the goodness you would expect in an European village dairy. Just wonderful!

Go to their farm or go to their web site. This is a real gem run by folk with huge hearts.

A short distance from Boston, A wonderful day trip that will have you feeling like you have stepped back in time.

While in the neighborhood, stop by the Wayside Inn. Lunch is wonderful or just for tea in the "Tap Room."

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