Sunday, March 4, 2012


Three simple letters that make any seasoned "Raleigest" take notice. The Top of the line for years The RRA offered style and grace with Raleigh dependability.
The lightest and niceness of all the Raleighs, the Raleigh Record Ace's details were not found on any other bicycle in it's day.

Its no wonder with all the superior specifications, the Raleigh Record Ace is considered to be one of the finest bicycles ever made!


  1. here's a fine example of an r.r.a.

  2. In a world where almost all cars look alike and Trek has done its damndest to make all bikes look alike,a world where manufacturers are conditioning people to consider everything disposable in order to generate sales, thankfully the distinctive qualities of classics like the RRA are preserved not just by aficionados but also by virtue of the quality of materials and construction!
    Keep Calm and Carry On.

  3. Dear Sir,
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    I have always had a special admiration and fondness for Raleigh bicycles. They are some of the most elegant and classic bicycles ever built. I wish you continued success with you blog
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  4. Dave, those photos of the RRA from Flicker are very cool, Thanks for finding that!