Friday, March 23, 2012

15th Annual Monson Swap Meet and Bike Show

As we walked onto the front lawn of Memorial Hall in Monson, a voice came from The back of the crowd, "Wow! 5 Golden Arrows! I never expected to see 5 Golden Arrows in one place, EVER!"

We had brought our two to show, and the first table we stopped at had 3 for sale!

Two Golden Arrow's and two chrome Raleigh Sports!

Truly a great show, we arrived at 7:15 am and the place was hopping! Venders from all over, with a fair amount of British Cycling Iron this year. Prices for the most part were fair and after a small amount of looking at the same item, could be adjusted to an easier level of cash payment.

The fifteenth year of Jim Huntington's show brought out the best. Free coffee and donuts with a little secret something was supplied by the fine folks from "Via" to those of us in the know.

Once again the event was a early spring treat and a wonderful kick off to the new cycling season!

Beautiful little Brooks Seatbag found and purchased!

One more for the collection, 1954 Dawn Tourist

Near Perfect Brooks B66 L

My vote for "The Best of Show."

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