Sunday, March 3, 2013

Looking for a New, Old Bicycle

Shopping for an antique Raleigh can sometimes be as fun as riding one. Prices have been climbing over the past 5 years, so maybe the time is right.
Bikes are found in different ways. Searching on Ebay may not get you the best deal if your a buyer. A world market has more folks shopping that can drive the price higher than what we would consider a good deal. After the shipping costs are added, you could be paying more then the bike is worth.

Craigs List, being local, eliminates in most cases, shipping costs. Prices are more reasonable and sometime, the seller has other bikes they want to pass on. They also may know where to find more.

Swap meets like the Monson, Ma show (March 24th, 2013) are a great place to meet collectors that have bicycles they want to sell or swap, thus the name "Bike Swap". Asking around, you might find out about other locations that have old Raleighs sitting.

Shopping the town dumps and the metal pile takes time. Great bikes can be found, but don't expect to find what your looking for. It seems like now a days there are fewer and fewer being thrown away because the word is out, "That bike is a Collectors Item!" When I ever I hear that said, I say, "Well, your going to need to find a Collector"

I once had a women on the phone tell me that her 1960's Raleigh was worth $1000.00, I said, "Its Not." She then went on to tell me that the guy next door knows all about bicycles and he said so. I said "Sell it to him for $500. and he can then make some money to who he knows will pay $!000." I then went on to tell her that the bike was only ,at tops, worth $100. After a long pause, she said that that the first person to come to her house, she would sell it for $50.

Finding bicycles on the side of the road happens. I once found a 1936 Raleigh Golden Arrow.

Hunting for Raleigh's can be fun. A great way to stay in touch with whats out there and for how much. The best advice to any buyer is that if they find something that they want, Go Get It. because its not going to last for long.

Do you have any good ideas that you want to share?

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