Monday, May 7, 2012

Mothers Day Ride, This Sunday!

According to the Weather Channel, it looks like Sunday will be sunny and in the 70's. The perfect day for a Bosrug adventure!
Ride starts at 11:00 am across the street from the Watch Factory on Crescent Street in Waltham Center, not the Watch City Brewery.
Come as you wish, helmet or not. Sorry, but this is an all Roadster ride so folks with modern style bicycles will have to find another group ride for the day.
If you can, bring a lock as we will be stopping at spots where we may not be able to see the bikes. Cash will be good too for lunch and things you might want to buy at the many booths selling "Steampunk" items.
This is going to be a fun ride! Hope you can attend!

Check out the events around Waltham we can visit.


  1. ya steeeeeempunk!,r:1,s:90,i:7

  2. Looking forward to this ride so much. I actually had to turn away folks that wanted to come on their mountain bikes. I apologized and said we could do something else another day.
    Just wanted to remind you to bring cash so you can take full advantage of the events around town. This is going to be a great day! The weather looks like its going to be perfect!

  3. There is a ton of parking across the street from the Watch Factory on Crescent Street. If it is for some reason not allowed, there lots more all around the area.
    Hope to see you today!