Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Via Bicycle Pilgrimage

There comes a time in every bicycle collectors life when they must go to Via Bicycle. You will leave a changed person.
Located on Ninth Avenue in Philadelphia, Pa. The shop of mostly "New Old Stock" will widen you eyes and understanding as to what is still available for that project bicycle you have been thinking about restoring.If they don't have it, it was never made.

Hand painted signs in the front window is classic art work from a time gone by.

Every space on the four floors is loaded with bicycle past. Metal art for cycling in every fashion, form and vintage is there. It has a feeling as if all parts have come home to Via.

The walls are covered with cases filled with bicycle history and where there isn't a case or shelf, there is framed wall art. Some of the prints you have seen, and many you have not. Maybe it was just me but even on the prints I thought I knew well, in person all the figures with or on bikes have a slight smile as if happy to be there.

Prints of all types are there. Advertising as well as art depicting bicycle enjoiment.

With a huge heart and a giant mustache, Owner, Founder, Curtis is a pleasure. Happy to have you and meet any new collector and lover of the bicycle. Curtis will show you things that you might recognize but not notice the fine detail that makes every piece in his fantastic museum of bicycle past, special. You feel special with his kind words and is modest way of pointing out things that you would have defiantly missed otherwise.

Another fellow you may meet is Joel. His presentation of hidden spots was wonderful and pointed out parts on Bicycles with stories that make the Via experience complete. The level of love these folks have for cycling excels that what you might normally find in you everyday local bicycle shop.

Like going back in time, Via reminds me of my childhood when everything was magic. Hardware stores and general stores had a way of presenting things that required going through and looking over and over to actually see it all. Like finding treasure, every turn of the head is a "Wow" and a far cry from the modern way we have become use to in the new sterile retail environment. Not a space is unused to present something fantastic and rare from bicycle past.

24" wheeled Schwinn Track Racing Bicycle

One piece Cinelli Bar and Stem

Via is celebrating their 30th year of bicycle sales. Congratulations for having such a wonderful bicycle shop and knowledgeable staff!

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  1. Looks like a road trip worth planning. Thanks for the tour yesterday. While the upstairs was cool, the downstairs was fantastic. Like going into the bicycle catacombs. I let Bowen know you took good care of us.

  2. Scott, great having you. It should be stated that we cannot give everyone an individual tour like that, it happen to be it was slow enough that day at work, and I was actually in town, as I travel a lot. Great pictures and kind words, thanks. joel